CJ3 Mental Health & Wellness

The CJ3 Foundation provides mental health and wellness services at no cost to the wounded/disabled American Heroes we support through intensive therapy sessions focusing on holistic and integrative approaches towards optimal health of the whole system: mind, body, and spirit. The CJ3 Mental Health & Wellness Initiative is operated in concert between the CJ3 Foundation and Dr. Rebecca A. Thomas, PsyD, a licensed clinical Psychologist in Albia, IA, and partner to the CJ3 Foundation.

Dr. Thomas leads the CJ3 Mental Health & Wellness effort whereby other holistic health professionals come together in support of healing our heroes. We are not making claims that we will ‘fix him/her’ or ‘heal him/her’, however, what we are offering are essential therapy sessions that will get the Recipients on the road toward wholeness and self-recovery. We are providing the Recipients with additional “tools for their toolbox”…additional “gear for their rucksacks”.